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Discogs - A massive database and marketplace for music collectors

eBay - The top auction site on the internet; you'll find plenty of rare recordings to bid on here.

Amazon.com - One of the truly great internet retailers. Purchase any CD or vinyl LP in print, or import versions of out-of-print CDs. Also try their marketplace sellers and mp3 downloads.

If you want to shop around among other major online music retailers, I recommend Barnes & Noble , FYE , CD Universe , and the new Tower Records .

All-Music Guide - Excellent searchable music database. Find info on recordings rare and not rare.

Rate Your Music - A music database that is more community-oriented, enabling users to add album information to the database and personally rate the recordings.

Google Groups - Vast searchable database of Usenet newsgroup postings dating all the way back to 1981. Search for past and present newsgroup discussions about certain albums.

YouTube - Looking for a certain music video, interview clip, or concert footage? Someone may have uploaded it here. And you'll discover plenty of music, rare and otherwise, while using the site.

Why Physical Media Matters & Where To Get It - This article from the Octane Seating blog makes a compelling case for owning physical media, as opposed to subscription-based models, and provides contemporary resources for purchasing such media.

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Rock and Roll Songs 1950-1954
Rock and roll music officially turned 60 years old in 2015. But there were rock and roll songs before 1955. The songs that I've put together on this Youtube playlist are songs from the first half of the 1950's, released before Elvis Presley and Bill Haley hit the big time and brought rock and roll into the mainstream. There were rock and roll songs before 1950, as well...but that's another playlist.